May 2012

Marriage: What's Love go to do with it?

Sadly, the President and V.P.'s stance on marriage is a continuing erosion of the sanctity of marriage.  Many (like myself) believe marriage is a God ordained, lifelong sacred act between a man and a woman.  As such, those who support a traditional view of marriage see same sex marriage as a profane assault on that institution.  Because of our beliefs, we are labeled as archaic, small-minded, bigoted, homophobic, and anti civil rights.  
The President and his supporters have redefined marriage as an act between “two loving, committed and faithful adults.”  As Joe Biden says, it's all about, "Who do you love?"  However, I wonder why they are being so judgmental and narrow minded in their definition of marriage?  If it is only about who you love, then shouldn’t fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, and brothers and sisters, be allowed to get married as long as both parties are of legal age and do so willingly?  However, why limit marriage to only two people?  Isn’t that somewhat narrow-minded?  So maybe the President should advocate for the changing of the laws against bigamy.  After all, as long as these people love each other, isn't that all that matters? 
But wait, what's love got to do with it anyway?  What right does the President, or anyone else for that matter, have in limiting marriage to only the "committed," "faithful" and "loving"?  Isn't that just a little judgmental?  Shouldn't anyone, for any reason, be able to get married?  If you disagree, then you must have some preconceived idea of what a marriage entails.  And thus begs the question: “What ultimately shapes your ideas regarding marriage?”  Dare I say, if you are offended by the broadening views I speak of, is that an indication of a marriage phobia, fueled by small-minded bigotry aimed at the heart civil rights? 
The good news is you need not despair.  There is hope.  If you have an open mind and a willingness to evolve, you can shed your limited views on marriage and become more enlightened.  You can learn to embrace the institution of marriage as a great temporary bastion of self-satisfying happiness, centered on civil rights for the promotion of societal benefits.  Isn't that what it is really all about anyway?  I'm sure that one day many will come to embrace that belief.  Oh wait, silly me, that day has dawned.   : (

Something Off My Chest

Listen, my beliefs about God are not diminished or threatened by your rhetoric, name-calling, rudeness, slander, ganging up, or mockery. You will not bully me into abandoning any of my carefully considered positions.

Sure enough, it feels great to swarm together under a banner to 'attack' the 'enemy.' We all like to be on the 'winning' team. And it feels great to marginalize the 'enemy' as idiotic, archaic, un-evolved, simpletons, thereby elevating your view without having to do anymore real intellectual lifting. But the simple fact is that this is the behavior of partisans; of hooligans; of grade school bullies. It is either the last resort of somebody who's losing the argument, the primary strategy of somebody who's unwilling to open his ears, the flippant dismissal of the willfully ignorant, or the self-important name-calling of the knows-too-little-to-know-how-little-he-knows.

So I KNOW what I believe and why I believe it. And, I'm even willing to have my mind changed about it. It will NOT be, however, on the basis of small-minded tormenting or strong-arming. I love truth, evidence, and reason too much to be browbeaten out of my beliefs.
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