Finite Minds Stuck on Infinite Mode

I sit here, with a million things to do and no time to do it, writing about having no time to do things. (?)
I was wondering if it is “natural” for us to want to behave supernaturally. As in, I want to do every thing, see every where, be with everyone. I want to finish projects I have now, do projects I’m planning in my head. I want to lecture to all kinds of groups, to listen to all kinds of learned people, to read every classic ever written. I want to learn most every instrument I pick up, listen to a million songs, and sing - alone - to every song I know. All this and I want a happy family; a best-friend wife, and God-fearing, polite and friendly children.
And I want it all now.
I’m not asking for money or a new Mac (well…). I’m not wanting to climb the corporate ladder. I don’t want the company car or the latest HDTV. Just the non-material things above.
Some would say - have said - that this is a sign of mental instability or, worse, an attempt to be God, a subtle form of blasphemy.
But maybe, if I may put a positive spin on it, maybe it is a reflection of what it will be like There. Here I have just four dimensions which severely restrict my every action and desire above. I cannot be two places at once or exist in any time but the present. And I’m only given finite time to do all the things I’d like. Finite space + finite time = bummer for me.
All the indications from the Bible say it will be different There. Extra dimensions of time and space mean I can do essentially all those things I listed above without problem and with none of the earthly limits I’m trapped in now.
A friend of mine said that He doesn’t give it to us now because the present laws of nature not only limit us but limit evil, as well. Bad people can only do a limited amount of evil in a limited amount of space and time.
So, I guess I should be content and pray for maturity in all this. Maturity to understand that my desires to be all that I can’t be now may be realized when I go Home, but for now those restrictions are making this a more pleasant place to be.
I guess I should be thankful.
(Gotta go; have a ton of stuff to do.)
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