Praise the Lord you didn't get one.

You know, there some simple things in life we can be so thankful for; the air we breathe, water and food, and that we did not get a refrigerator magnet that so masterfully captures the beauty of the human voice singing praises to the God of the Universe.
Listen here for a refrigerator magnet "gift" from a certain television network, which when pressed elicits these sweet sounds... (Warning: It's like being in heaven around the throne of God with all the angels singing!) CLICK HERE.
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Not only can we steal but we can sink to new depths in absolute bad taste. Like these handsome, subdued ties.
Is it just me or is there a subtle toilet paper message here?
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Just to make sure that one can witness whilst crossing legs at a business meeting, some company is offering these gems. That heathen corporate CEO you just had lunch with will undoubtedly repent of his sins, take up his cross, and follow Jesus after being convicted to the core by these Cross Socks.
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OK. This is no joke. The smelly socks above were advertised on the website as Cross Dress Socks. We crud you not. Socks for Christian Cross Dressers?
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One wonders how Tolkien might feel; one of the most creative writers in modern times, and a Christian. What would he think of American Christianity and our xerox-like mentality?
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It wasn't enough to just steal and Christianize the name of the book and movies, some bloke had to take a whole verse from the book's cryptic message dealing with the mystery of the Ring and rewrite it with appropriate Christianese!!!
Tolkien's rolling in his grave.
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And just what was going through the skulls of thickness when someone came up with this Xian shirt??? "Look, I'm a Christian, and I'm in denial!" Nothing like setting yourself up! Crimaney! Someone should take one of those Cross socks above, fill it with WWJD bracelets and pummel the "designer."
(And it's "I'm" not "Im" fercryinoutloud! Unless your grammar is in denial, as well.)
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