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Bring a hanky to dry the tears you'll be shedding (or catch all the milk that's gonna shoot out your nose)! Humor galore here, my friend. Clean humor, although sometimes it goes near the edge, right up next to it, so you can actually see the dirt and dust falling down down down into the abyss, and you get that feeling they get in that movie by Hitchcock.
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News items here we'd like to see. We have here our attempt to be socially satirical. It doesn't always work but - forsooth! - we have fun doing it!!! And some may be dated, but darn it! who cares?!?! ;)
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The Ghetto

Laughing at ourselves - sorta.
Here are things we've seen or scanned or "borrowed" from other sites which embarrass the heck out of the American Christian church.
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Our satirical look at young earth creationism.
This volley is aimed not at young earthers, but the leaders of the movement who can get a little... let's say "hyperparanoid"!
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Metric tons of religious cartoons!
You'll laugh, if you get them!.
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