Once There Was a Human Being - The Spirit of the Age Claims a Victim

Once there was a human being named Sally. Sally was born on a cold October morning. It was a day in which the dry autumn winds were blowing the remaining leaves off of the trees.

Winter was near.

Sally’s father held her close in that first hour and whispered into her tiny ears, "This is your life and you are going to do it all your way." And as Sally grew, her parents impressed upon her the importance of being her own woman. "You will be a winner," they demanded, "Allow no one, allow nothing to stand in your way." In this fashion she was bred for what this world calls "success."

And Sally ventured out into the waiting arms of this world...

Adolescence led Sally to a major crossroad in her life. She had never made any attempt to hide her lust for independence and it took no time for a schoolmate of hers to discern Sally’s View. This person warned Sally, "Your ways will drag you into Darkness." She implored Sally to "get right with God"; that it was only in this way that she would truly have Success and lead a fulfilled life. But Sally replied, "That’s OK for you, all this talk about God’s love and forgiveness, but... well... I really don’t feel that I can use Him. I have my own plans and it’s clear to me that your God would only interfere. So, thanks but no thanks. And don’t look so sad. It’s my choice, after all. It’s my life." And she thought, "I don’t need anyone or anything. No one will tell me what to do. I am going to be successful and independent if it kills me and God help those who get in my way!" And so, at this Crossroad, Sally chose the road most travelled.

During this time Sally made another decision towards sacred Independence; it was the inevitable one. She decided that she was ready for sex. "Abstinence until marriage?! You must be joking. How puritanical and outdated! The question is not, Is it best to wait until marriage? The question is really, Will I allow another day to go by without fulfilling my natural passions and desires? I will not be bound by any archaic, oppressive, religious dogma about the ‘sin’ of premarital sex." So Sally became what she liked to refer to as "sexually active."

And Sally had no problem in finding willing sexually active partners. She soon considered herself a pretty good actress in Eros’ Passion Play. Alas, her birth control was not so good and Sally one day found herself pregnant. "This cannot be!" she whimpered, "What about my career, my future, my life? My God, my plans are ruined!" It took more than just a couple of seconds for Sally to wrestle her conscience to defeat. She concluded, "I must insist on my right to an abortion. The issue here really is not whether the fetus is a human being with rights of its own. The real issue is whether or not my rights are being infringed upon. The real issue is the inconvenience this unwanted pregnancy is giving me. Murder?! No no no... I am merely going to ‘terminate my pregnancy.’ And damn those insensitive idiots who are more concerned about something they can’t see when, clearly, my personal well-being is at stake!" So Sally had her abortion. And whenever Conscience would rear its head about her choice, she would sever it quickly and without mercy with her Sword of Justification.

Months went by. "One day I will have a child," she thought, "but I’ll have it when I want to." Then suddenly it struck Sally, "Wait! What if it’s born...you know...imperfect? It would be grossly unfair to me, uhh... I mean to the child, to allow it to live after it’s born only to lead an abnormal life. Imagine the cost and time and sacrifice on my part! And besides, why dirty the gene pool by allowing that thing to reproduce someday?" This is how Sally justified infanticide. "Infanticide?! More like Parental Relief. But I really prefer to call it ‘the merciful termination of a fetus ex utero.’ It’s not really an ‘infant,’ anyway; it’s no ‘baby.’ It is whatever I redefine it to be...

Sally’s life was marching on. She was moving up in her job. She was excited about her prospects. And along with being an advocate for baby-killing... [politically incorrect phrase alert! try again.] And along with being an advocate for the right of a woman to terminate the pre- or postnatal human-looking part of her body, she took up the cause for protecting aquatic animals and furry creatures. ("They are so cute and defenseless and they need my intervention," said she.) Thus, in her eyes, there was meaning to Life.

But as her life was spinning into high-gear, her heart was going into deep-freeze. She saw Conscience these days about as often as she saw her grandfather at the convalescent home. "He’s so...dependent!" she spat, "It’s really sickening allowing someone to live that way. It should be against the law. Let’s look at the facts: 1) he’s sickly, 2) he can’t feed himself, 3) he barely knows what’s going on, 4) he’s doing society no good, and 5) he’s using up all of my inheritance. He’s a burden to us all! It’s best for everyone, including himself, if he’s mercifully terminated. Soon there will be so many old people that it will be impossibly expensive to take care of them all. They should do us all a favor and die." So Sally added "Euthanasia Activist" to her résumé.

Sally was a success! Besides all of these causes, she had a high-paying job, no interfering children, and a committed relationship to no man. She was independent; free at last! But alas, her sexual freedom enslaved her to aids and Sally was diagnosed with Kaposi’s sarcoma. "Why me? What did I ever do?" she sighed. And on her deathbed, on the last night of her life, Sally dreamed...

"It’s so bright!" cried Sally, vainly trying to shield her face with translucent hands, "Where in the hell am I?"

"I assure you, loved one," said the Light, "that if this were hell, I would not be here. You are in My presence so that you can tell me, face-to-face, what your Final Choice is."

"Well, good..." she mumbled, still trying to gain her composure, "I've always been for choice."

"But rarely for Life, Sally, other than your own."

"What!? Who are you? What do you want?"

"I am the Life, Sally. I am the One Whom you constantly battle. You tried to snuff Me out in others; those who could not fight back. And the life I had planned for you, you have almost utterly destroyed. And all that you might live ‘independently.’ Yet even now, when you are most blind to My love and most rebellious to My ways, I am willing to forgive you and receive you back."

"Wait!" she interrupted, "I see now! (You’re so transparent!) I’m dying and you’re getting ready to send me to hell! That’s it! And probably just because I stood up for my own rights and freedoms!"

"Sally," said the Light in His stern, loving voice, "should you end up there, it will have been your own choice. And your downfall lies not in your stance for abortion or euthanasia or infanticide, can’t you see that? Though repulsive to Me, they are forgivable. But they are only the outward symptoms of your inner sickness. You have a heart disease, Sally; one I want to cure.

"I made you with the need to serve someone. But instead of serving Me, your choice was to serve yourself, to have others follow you. You played God in all your decisions, including those involving the lives of others. You wanted it no other way! At every crossroad in your life you chose the Lie rather than the Truth; Darkness rather than Light. Yet, though I desire with all My heart for you to be reconciled to Me, I will not force you."

"Good, because I won’t be forced into anything! I remember the way you worked, you with your Conscience routine. You didn’t allow me to enjoy anything until I managed to silence You."

"You’re right, Sally. I tried to speak to your heart many times in many ways; through My Written Revelation, My children, My creation, and your conscience. But you would not allow it. Still you will not hear."

"Look! I’ve made it just fine by myself, without You! I’ll be just fine now, thank you. I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone! And don’t sound so sad; it’s my life, after all. It’s my choice."

Sadly, the Light of Lights concluded, "Then so be it, my dear loved one; not My will but thine be done. You have rejected Me, the Author of Life, thus you reject Life itself; and once again—and for the last time—you choose Death in Its place. You, Sally, are not the child I created. Now depart from Me, for you I have never known."

And at that moment Sally breathed her last...
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