The Clearing

A Modern-Day Allegory

Part Four

I awoke with a start. There I laid, on my back, my eyes now opened and fixed on the ceiling, and my bed wet with sweat. I looked around my bedroom and quickly to the foot of my bed. There was no one there and I began to realize where I was now—and where I had been. I had been spared! I was dead but now I was alive again! I had experienced Grace.

But now I was experiencing the overwhelming weight of Guilt. As I lay there I saw what I did not want to see; what I had endeavored never to encounter. But the floodgates of self-discovery were opened wide as I now confronted the Enemy within.

I had not been sparing; I had been taking Life. I had shown no Grace, no Mercy, no Justice—it was all so clear now. I, indeed, am the Executioner, I thought. I had been mutilating the Innocent, tearing them limb from limb. I had given them no say, no choice, no chance at a defense. I knew in my heart of the Evil but had done nothing to stop it. Ironically, Death had been my livelihood.

And now the Hound of Heaven had finally captured me and forced me to see myself in the Mirror; to see myself as I truly was. I sobbed uncontrollably at the Catharsis.

From that day, things would be different.

From that day, Life would conquer Death, the Light would outshine the Darkness.

From that day, I would "execute" only the Will of Him Who, by means of a dream, called me out of my darkness and into His marvelous Light.

And on that very day I quit my practice at the Clinic, and I never again took the Life of an Unborn Child.
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