Another Instrument for the Destruction of Souls

Maelstrom on Christians and Victims of AIDS

Whether we like it or not, the amount of people contracting the HIV virus in this country, and succumbing to it, isn't going down. Because of the numerous and almost effortless ways it can be gotten, soon, instead of hundreds of people at a time, thousands will be dying from AIDS-related diseases. Sooner or later, Christians will know AIDS victims and are going to have to wrestle with the question, "What am I going to do about AIDS?" Should a Christian ignore the disease, or do something about it" If one decides to act, who should be helped–only those who got the virus in a passive way" Or anybody, regardless of who they are or how they got it? These are some of the difficult questions dealt with in this tract. As in our other "Maelstrom Letters," the premise is based on C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Here, though, the senior demon is Maelstrom, the older brother of a young apprentice demon, Gruamuc. The evil advise that Maelstrom is giving this time centers around the victims of AIDS: How is Gruamuc to keep his Christian "patient" from here doing the will of God–Maelstrom’s and Gruamuc’s "Enemy"? How might the powers of Darkness be working behind the scenes in this issue?

My dear little brother,

So, your patient found out. The awe-full truth has been uncovered. But, Gruamuc, you malodorous rodent, you conveniently neglected to tell me in your letter exactly how he made the discovery. Was it through your usual lack of foresight? Were you caught off guard again? Did you actually attempt to think for yourself? There are times, little brother, when you show promise of becoming a potential threat to the works of the Enemy, but asinine, muddle-headed lapses of responsibility like this are quite inexcusable. Have no doubt that this latest faux pas will keep you on probation for awhile to come.

If you ever want to amount to anything, it is imperative to remember that, when possible, the Enemy’s rabble must remain in the shadowed lands of their imaginary world. The truth, the real world, brings light, and therefore works in the Enemy’s favor; that light wakes them up! In their imaginary world, they limit themselves to their pot lucks & social cliques, to their Christian music & television–to their innocuous, disengaged world-view. Exposure to the real, caustic, world around them might persuade them to act, to do battle. A Church which neither thinks nor acts is what we are pushing hard down here to realize; it is what gives pleasure to Our Father Below. This, then, was your first mistake, Gruamuc; allowing your patient to discover the cold, sobering facts about his high school friend and his bout with homosexuality and AIDS.

I fear what may come of this, little brother; you ought to tremble. AIDS has now come home for your patient; it is no longer in someone else’s backyard. (As I recall, you made a similar, mindless blunder involving abortion. Imbecile!) The HIV virus is what your patient’s friend must worry about. I, however, am deeply concerned about another Virus–the one you have so deftly unleashed here at the local level. This Virus can be spread by one human to another, infect that person and kill him, just like our HIV friend. But here the final outcome is dangerously different; this Virus will raise that person to Life again! The Virus which you have unwittingly injected into this situation, Gruamuc, is the Enemy Himself!

But I must calm down. Before I go on I will give you a little background which is common knowledge around here but which you have evidently missed. You were most likely asleep at my glorious lecture which I gave at Ashteroth Hall describing one of the latest and most successful weapons in Hell’s arsenal–that being the HIV virus. So, I will briefly reiterate those plans which you are presently leading into ruin. I’ll then expand on your fatal contribution–that spiritual Virus–and describe the potential jeopardy you have caused with that:

Our Father’s strategy was to bring the HIV virus into America via homosexuality, thus allowing our agents in the media to mislead the human herds into believing it was a "homosexual" disease. (Shortly thereafter, it was to include a huge batch of drug users and fornicators, as well–all part of the Master Plan.) Had AIDS started out as a children’s disease or as an affliction acquired exclusively through life-saving blood transfusions or something equally pathetic, people would have been moved, they would have cared. Christians might have gotten involved en masse, prayers would have been volleyed upward to the Enemy imploring a cure. But thanks to some ingenious planning down here, and despite all the different known ways of picking up the disease, AIDS is still associated with "sinners," particularly those "sinners" in society by which many Christians are especially repulsed: homosexuals, drug users, prostitutes, and the like. This new disease gave them another reason to deplore the wretches and insured that precious little was to be done to find a cure. "After all," many of the humans think to themselves, "they got just what was coming to them; you play with fire, you get burned."

Another thing, Gruamuc: AIDS is a disease from a distance for many of the Enemy’s people, which is, coincidentally, exactly where we want them–far away from our work. But it’s too late for that now in your case, isn’t it? And what the Enemy will do now in your situation is completely predictable (although the details of how He accomplishes it are always unique, always a mystery). He will annoy your patient with the absurd idea that since he is no longer ignorant of the situation, that he can and must now act. (I get nauseous just seeing where this is leading.) Your patient might actually reason, and then ask the most-feared question, "What would He do in this situation? Why, He would visit the sick and imprisoned. Maybe I should, too." So your patient, if he actually listens to that still, small Voice and responds to it, will go see his friend. Maybe he will look beyond his friend’s homosexuality and see that wretched shell of a human lying there on his deathbed. He might even–I shutter–have compassion for him and then share that infernal Gospel about repentance and forgiveness and explain how "it’s never too late." And then, Gruamuc,–damn you to the Abyss forever–we will lose a free meal in the last seconds! To make matters worse (yes, it gets worse) your patient might even think that all those succumbing to the virus not already belonging to the Enemy and regardless of their past, are His potential sons and daughters! He might try to reach them, as well!! Who knows where that would lead?! The Enemy will have managed to use one of our own weapons against us–again!

Oh, Gruamuc, this is dreadful. Do you see yet why the Church must remain asleep? And why AIDS must remain, from their point of view, a distant, "sinners" disease? The Enemy wants his brood out in the streets, not all the time cloistered with other Christians. Out on the streets they are educated with eye-opening facts. Out in the world they learn to empathize with others of the Enemy’s camp who are actually in the Battle. Out in public they experience the pain and emptiness of "sinners"–just like the Enemy did when He was here in the flesh.

What should you do, then? How can this be stopped? First, he must avoid visiting his friend, the obvious reason being that an experience with a dying human will surely have a profound, almost irretrievable, effect on him. Continuously postpone the visit until delirium sets in, or, better, death. Strike out at that special chink in your patient’s armor–his "I’ll-wait-till-next-month-to-do-it" disorder. (Capitalizing on his procrastinating disposition, by the way, works in all kinds of spiritual situations.) The passing of time, here, will work in our favor. Your patient will become less patient with the Enemy’s wake-up calls, thus "tuning out." This will also give you time to rework into him the idea that his friend, after all, "had it coming." But don’t be loud about that, for Hell’s sake. It is so contradictory to what the Enemy has taught him, it might actually have the converse effect and wake him up again!

If he should visit (let’s just say when he visits; you will undoubtedly fail at this first counter-strike) there are a couple old tricks that are applicable here: 1) It is still not too late, even during a visit, face to face, to quietly remind your patient that his friend "deserved" this. Your patient can sit there over the bed, healthy, thanking the Enemy that he was never so stupid as to get caught up in all this. If only his old friend had lived the pure, righteous life like... well, like he himself has, then his friend would not now be in this pathetic predicament. Of course the Enemy will immediately counter that by reminding your patient that all have fallen short, and that the only reason he himself isn’t a dustball right now is because of the Enemy’s two despicably grating traits, Grace and Mercy. Use whatever distractions necessary to keep him from hearing that exhortation–a pretentious, high & mighty attitude will make whatever "witnessing" he has planned that much more ineffective, what with his self-righteous pomposity rearing its beautiful head and blocking the Light from his friend. 2) Whatever happens, whether his friend is snatched from us or not, remember your patient’s involvement with the disease–with any disease–is to end when he closes the hospital door behind him. "Case closed. Job well done. Pat self on back." He has done his duty, remind him. He has visited the sick, now back to "reality." Don’t let him see that he has just left reality behind in that room, alone, probably to die by himself.

(Of course, while all this is going on, I will contact those in charge of your patient’s friends to make sure that his buddies are giving him heavy doses of ridicule, accusing him of being a "homo"-lover or some such nonsense. This striking bit of maturity will not only reinforce in your patient’s eyes the false idea of AIDS being a homosexual disease, but will also make him think that by helping his friend, he is in reality endorsing homosexuality, another false conclusion.)

Out of all of this, Gruamuc, you must get into your head one important concept: Death, physical and spiritual. That’s not hard to remember, is it? Think of what circumstance you can plan which will result in the most death. How efficient can you be at generating death? The best situation here is where both physical and spiritual death work together; that is ideal, it is what makes this job such a challenge. Just a physical death is not good enough; that is like empty calories. What good would it be after all, to see a human suffer and die physically, but not to be able to absorb that human down here afterwards?

The HIV virus is close to the perfect tool for us in that respect. Just imagine the awesome harvest it will provide us! Not only will millions on earth die from it, but think of all the spiritual death that might also accompany. The ones involved with these people, the ones trying to comfort them, those committed to making the lives of the sick a little more bearable, are not the Church, the ones who should be doing it. Most of the Enemy’s people are asleep (they aren’t even praying for their own who have the Disease). So hundreds of thousands in the next years in America will die without being reached by them, and at a time when they are most susceptible to the Enemy’s message! For the sleeping Church, the Enemy’s words must have been, "Heal only the sick who have socially acceptable diseases. Visit only those in (spiritual) prison who are innocent." How completely unlike the Enemy they act! And many of the humans who are helping, who are not of the Enemy’s ranks, are cleverly pointing this out to those who are dying. The dying see this hypocrisy, and the Enemy is now guilty by association–He is now an "unjust, unloving God Who just doesn’t care. Just look at His people." They then reject not only the hypocrisy but the Enemy as well, and they are ours. Bon appetite! The Church has missed another opportunity to be at the forefront.

You must stop this STD, this Spiritually Transmitted Disease, of salvation and Life. Your patient must be stopped not only from reaching his friend, but also from starting some ridiculous revival. The Sleeping Giant must remain asleep. She’s woken up before in history and has turned the world upside down each time. Nevermore! Especially now that time is short.
This could be the most important mission in your assignment, little brother. Don’t embarrass me by messing it up any further! You’ll regret it!

Your devoted brother,
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