Does God Sometimes Give People Cancer?

We believe the Lord will give some people a horrible illness, but for a reason...
We don't pretend to know the reason behind every illness - or why some evil men live long lives while some children get cancer - but we know the Lord is willing to do just about anything to wake somebody out of a spiritual coma.

And that includes giving the person some horrible disease like cancer.

An analogy might help here: If my child was carelessly walking into the path of an oncoming bus, I would not hesitate to yank or push my child put of the way. Might I break her arm? Yes. Might she break a rib falling to the ground? Yes. It will probably be a painful experience.

But, is she alive? Yes!

For some people drastic measures must be taken in order to wake them up to their spiritual condition, but, as strange as this sounds, it happens because He loves us. It may be hard to see this if you or a loved one has some terminal illness - AND WE AREN'T SAYING THIS IS THE ONLY REASON HE/SHE MIGHT BE SICK - but we have heard enough stories about how some people with terminal diseases actually thank God for them because they then, for the first time, seriously reflected on the meaning of Life. And some give their lives to the Lord and are with Him now.

But they might not be with Him in eternity if the Lord had just watched them wander into the traffic.
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