Murder! He Wrote - Maelstrom on Christians & Abortion

In The Screwtape Letters C. S. Lewis revealed to us what the inner workings of hell might be like. This was done through a series of letters written by the main fictional character, Screwtape, an Under Secretary to the High Command of Hell, as he writes to his nephew Wormwood, an apprentice tempter who has been put in charge of a young Christian man, Wormwood’s so-called "patient." Screwtape, the seasoned veteran, advises Wormwood on how to successfully ruin his patient’s relationship with his God—their "Enemy"—and reclaim the man’s soul.

C. S. Lewis, however, never told us of Screwtape’s American counterpart, Maelstrom, and his protégé and little brother, Gruamuc. In this recently acquired letter, Maelstrom advises Gruamuc on the finer points of tempting his Christian patient when dealing with the issue of abortion.

The Screwtape Letters were never an attempt by Lewis to present some orthodox doctrine on the workings and hierarchy of hell. Rather, they reveal the heart of man and how it is influenced in the spiritual realm. This tract is an attempt to faithfully represent the spirit of The Screwtape Letters, and we fully acknowledge C. S. Lewis as the inspiration for this style of approach.

Dear little brother,

You are experienced enough by now to know that the Enemy’s desire is for His followers to be either hot or cold; that if they are lukewarm He will "vomit" them from His mouth. It follows then that our desire is to make the vermin lukewarm. The lukewarm Christian is sometimes our greatest ally; not for what he does, but for what he does not. He does not commit himself fully to the Enemy’s work: what he does instead is compromise. His words speak louder than his actions. He’d rather not be "too hot" or "too spiritual" lest he offend non-Christians with the Enemy’s weighty message. (What he refuses to see, however, is that it’s this Heat which kills the Infection.) Our responsibility then is to cause the world to see this disordered, hypocritical life of double standards as representative of the Enemy and then reject Him. It is into this state of spirituality that we want you to take your patient; and especially now, seeing that you have foolishly exposed him to the workings of our most efficient 20th century annihilation machine—abortion. But first things first....

How you could allow your man to see that film of an abortion is truly beyond me. Did you think that he, like we, would enjoy watching such a thing? With all your years of shadowing him did it never cross your imbecilic mind that the Enemy’s people are usually shocked by such an act and are thus prodded into action against us? Do not believe for a minute that you will not escape the mandatory punishment at the Institute of Corrections for such a gross display of irresponsibility. And your suggestion that we somehow "just return him" to his previous pristine state of Ignorance is out of the question and naïve beyond belief. We cannot! (Here the memory of a shocking experience works against us.) But despite your idiocy, all is not lost. You must now bring your man into the best spiritual condition shy of Ignorance; into those vast spiritual wastelands called Indifference and Irresponsibility.

Your patient is now against abortion. That is not good; but neither is it a threat. You see, the mere act of choosing against abortion is all the warfare you will see from most Christians. While the Enemy is calling for them to go and fight down in the Valley, most of them desire to be (where we want them) hiding in the hills above. Occasionally this breed might whimper from their hiding place, "Well done, brothers and sisters," but they never actually enter into the Battle. Bring your patient to the point where he says, "Personally I’m against abortion, but..." and victory is ours. He has transformed himself into a mere spectator and will cause us no harm. Another light goes under the bushel (and you know we work best in the Dark).

And bringing him there is not the difficult task it seems, either. Many of them are dying for an excuse not to fight. (And, as a result, many are dying because of their excuses). Follow some of these simple suggestions:

Attempt to anesthetize him. Make those senses dull which were once so utterly horrified. It is a true saying: "What they don’t see with their eyes, they find difficult to imagine." So without giving yourself away, you want to gradually make him come to see an abortion procedure as nothing more than a clinical description of some operation. Change the enormous toll of those murdered into intangible, incomprehensible numbers. Quietly remind him that the blood and severed bodies are just pictures. Make him think, "Someday I will do something about this," thereby committing him to noncommitment. Before long he will become jaded; they all do. Remember the big hoopla about the thousands being murdered or starving to death every day in Africa? How many know or care about the dying now? Precious few. It is the nature of these beasts.
Now Americans, as you know, are insufferably right-happy. They have this uncanny ability to fabricate a right where there is none. Working on that premise, Klubnozg over at the Philological Department coined the phrase "the right of a woman to terminate her unwanted pregnancy." Do you see how singularly hellish that little expression really is? It works so well because 1) it appeals to their uniquely fanatical passion for "rights," 2) it completely ignores the very existence of the unborn, let alone whether or not they have a "right" to live, and 3) it ostracizes as "anti-American" any fool who dares to take a stand against abortion. I would be amiss to deny that those few words have claimed more innocent lives than all of the gulags under Stalin’s care. (Klubnozg, that pompous oaf, gloats endlessly about his achievement to anyone who even appears interested.) Therefore, force your man see abortion as one of their almighty rights. What you must not allow him to see is that many of their "rights" are wrong in the Enemy’s eyes; many of their "freedoms" are truly slavery. Blind fools.

In that same light—darkness, really—you might suggest to him that "this whole abortion issue is really a political issue that should be decided in the courts and state legislatures." This implies (falsely, of course) that politicians and judges are the sole keepers of the Flame of Morality; that, therefore, "this whole messy abortion issue" is their responsibility. Show him that he has much more important spiritual matters to contend with, like planning next year’s singles’ retreat or helping his brother-in-law to see the truth about the evils of smoking. In this way he sloughs off another of the Enemy’s most heartfelt commands; to defend the children. In this way, as well, another sword is beaten into a plowshare.

One sure-fire method of leading your patient down the wide path of Irresponsibility is to make him see abortion as the Enemy’s problem. "I don’t like abortion, but who am I to tell some poor unfortunate woman what she can or cannot do? They will be judged, but not by me!" What a marvelous philosophy! They place the responsibility for righting this "wrong" squarely back onto the shoulders of the Enemy. Like Pilate, these types have shirked their duty and have washed their hands of the whole matter. Barabbas is freed again and once more innocent blood is shed. If these Christians only exercised their little gray cells for a moment they would realize that the Enemy has already judged murder as against His will and that they, as His representatives, ought also to judge it as evil and act accordingly. If your patient can be convinced that it’s not really his "right to judge," (remind him, out of context of course, of the Enemy’s words, "Judge not...") then he will retreat into unknowing defeat. His conscience eased, he will then join the ranks of the "comfortably numb."

Now Gruamuc, in your last letter you expressed what are certainly doubts concerning Our Father’s edict that the unborn should perish. "Why the emphasis down here on abortion?" "Who cares about their miserable young, anyway?" (How dare you question his decision? Who do you think you are, you cocky upstart? We do not question here!) We demand abortion, for one thing, beacuse it greatly distresses the Enemy. He has this special pathetic "affection" for His children. And He has plans for those unborn just as He has for those already born. It pleases Our Father to abort those plans.

But it should come as no surprise that our eyes are fixed primarily on those already born. Think, Gruamuc! You know that our goal is to create a world of pure conceit and unadulterated self-worship: a soulless society. The unborn can interfere with the humans’ rampant ambition and self-centered pursuits. If and when the unborn by their mere existence do interfere, they force the humans to make a decision—my life or yours. ("My life or yours" is our invention. The Enemy would have it be, "Your life and mine.") Few heed His warning that to save one’s life means to lose it. Many then, in trying to save their precious life(style), choose abortion, thus sacrificing an innocent victim on the altar of Career or Financial Welfare or even Vanity. It is true that we have great fun at the dismemberment of an innocent son or daughter of the Enemy; but we have a greater, longer-lasting satisfaction in the devouring of a soul.

And our potential entrée includes all of those involved: the mother, who is allowing the butchering of her own child; the abortionist, who executes our will (our "executioner" so to speak); the father, who may have forced the issue or turned a blind eye to it; and those friends and relatives in the mother’s life who influenced her to make this "difficult choice." By their involvement in and approval of this act, they become more deaf to His voice, more blind to His light, and their hearts "become as stone;" they are one step closer to an Eternity with us. But I say "potential" food because, as you know, the Enemy is willing to forgive the rabble and take them back even after they commit this most admirable of deeds. Why He still desires to be reconciled with them, no one down here can fathom; not even Our Father Below.

Now, Gruamuc, maybe you see the importance of keeping your man out of the game. If he gets involved human lives will be spared, physically and spiritually. This does not set well down here, if you understand my meaning...

Your devoted brother,

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