Why Christians Should Not "Vote Republican"

It appears that a pretty hefty number of evangelical Christians today are Republican. The GOP seems to hold to a lot of the principles many evangelicals see as biblical. That’s all fine and good, and this is not a commentary or indictment on any of the political parties or their agendas.

What we take issue with is a personal ideology which holds to voting Republican – or Democrat, for that matter – simply because it is "Republican" and for no other reason.

A Christian’s responsibility in choosing a candidate is to choose the best person for the job, regardless of party affiliation. A Christian’s responsibility in voting on an issue is to choose the good, no matter the party of origin.

Blindly "voting Republican" just furthers the mistaken belief that Christians are mindless automatons with barely the hint of mental capacity or critical investigation. Christians, of all people, ought to seriously weigh the good and bad of every candidate and vote accordingly.

We encourage you greatly to prayerfully consider the people running for office during the upcoming elections. We challenge you to disregard the candidates’ parties and look at where they stand on the issues, which are best qualified to lead us to a better society, which are the candidates with character and virtue - all regardless of the state of present state of the economy. (Let’s not vote with our wallets!)

Remember, there are some very bad people who are Republicans and some very good people who are Democrats. Pray the Lord leads us all to vote according to His leading and not by what side of "the aisle" a candidate sits on. Amen?!
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