Alien Invasion!

Sheesh, there’s a lot of press today concerning beings from outer space! From The X-Files to Star Trek to Independence Day to Kodak commercials to the cover of News and World Report (An Alien with Braces is the Father of my Baby!) — you just can’t escape the invaders. They’re... they’re EVERYWHERE!!!

Most of this is probably just simple, innocent fun & mindless entertainment. We are fascinated with the prospect of "others" out there, and, of course, Hollywood responds with their plethora of movies and sitcoms and dramas. Now, if that were the end of it, if it were only a harmless diversion, it would be of little concern. But what about real, actual sightings that have taken place? I’m not talking about the encounters that Bubba had with them alien critters while he was a-frog-huntin’. And I don’t mean the majority of sightings which turn out to be planes or helicopters or stray Frisbees. What I want to know is: What about real sightings and encounters experienced by trustworthy, reliable people? What about sightings which were true, unidentified, flying objects? Huh? What about them? That’s what we are going to look at here. We’re going to look at the facts and see if we can come to a trustworthy interpretation. But first, because we need to, let’s look at...

Like we briefly mentioned above, sightings can be true, or lies, or mistakes. Most are mistakes, some are lies, but there are true reports. Reliable, sober, honest people have seen UFOs. But exactly what is it they have seen?

For one thing, when these strange spaceships are spotted, they almost invariably break the laws of physics. They go at speeds at or approaching the speed of light. (Forbidden!) They make turns and stops that according to even the basic laws of motion would destroy any ship of any material (Verboten!). They suddenly appear out of nowhere or disappear (Bozo no no!). All this breaking of the law would imply that they are either politicians or are not part of this physical world.

Not part of this physical world, eh? What world are they part of, then, Mr Smarty Pants? Remember back a couple issues ago when we discussed extradimensionality. We discovered that the physical world of three spatial dimensions and one time dimension is not all there is. There are more spatial dimensions out there, based on both scientific and biblical facts. Beings existing in this realm could seemingly break the natural laws that we are slave to merely by entering and exiting the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. dimensions. They don’t break their laws — they appear to break ours.

Now what beings do we know of, biblically speaking, who are privy to extradimensions? Angels and demons, of course. Which of these two could UFOs be? Well, let’s see, UFOs cause confusion, they take the eyes of their victims off of God. In third kind close encounters, they tell their "captives" that there is no God, or we are all gods, or Jesus was a nice guy but only one way to God, or that all ways are good, etc. Clearly they want us to take a different route than the Way spelled out plainly in the Bible.

Legitimate UFOs are 1) supernatural beings who 2) want to confuse and divert our attention from God. Therefore, they are demonic.

One more important fact: Those who have seen UFOs — real UFOs I mean — are almost never Christian. Interestingly, these people are almost always involved in the occult in some way, either with tarot cards or horoscopes or psychics or Ouigi boards. Is the connection between UFOs and the occult just coincidence? I don’t think so. The occult is an open door to demonic influence in people’s lives. If the real UFOs are demonic, wouldn’t they harass the people who are already open to their ways?

And I’ll bet that the only Christians you know who have had true encounters with these beings are still dabbling in the occult in some way, even if it’s only in an "innocent" involvement with psychics or reading horoscopes or playing the tarot. If that includes you, here’s some free advise — Knock it off! You’re in a realm you have no business being in. Leave it behind.

In future issues we’ll talk about such things as the "odds" of real, physical life elsewhere in this beautiful universe we’ve been given, or the possiblities of actually contacting intelligent life if the Lord has put it somewhere besides here. For now, watch Star Wars and My Favorite Martian, and enjoy them. But be wise and discerning when it comes to real UFOs and anything remotely related to the Prince of Darkness.
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