Does Belief in an Old Earth = Belief in Evolution?

We here interpret the Hebrew for Genesis One as an old earth view - TRUE!
We interpret this literally, not figuratively - TRUE!
We believe Genesis One to be the error-free revelation from God Almighty - TRUE!
Since we believe the universe to be old, we also believe in evolution - FALSE!

There is a confusion in the Church that those who believe in an old earth and an old universe are, by default, evolutionists. We are not.

The Bible is pretty clear that we humans are unique - created ex nihilo. The record of nature can easily be interpreted the same way without bowing to the hypothesis of Darwinian evolution.

Is there small scale, so-called microevolution. We believe so. Is there big time, phylum-creating macroevolution? Not a chance - literally.

Bottom Line? There are believers like us who accept the Bible as the inerrant revelation of God AND also believe that it allows for a universe billions of years old.

Go to the Land of Science for our writings concerning an old earth belief. See for yourself a non-compromising interpretation of Genesis One. Write us if something needs clarification!
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