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Card carrying members of the Best Friends Forever party.

Sword&Spirit Ministries was started by two Southern California natives, Dan Mannion and the much younger (by more than two months!) Mark Ritter. They have been best friends since the late 70's. Through the 80's a favorite past time of theirs was to sit around and complain about how miserable things were in the world.

But just whining and griping about the holocaust of the Unborn, the infiltration of "reflex religion" in the Christian Church (non-thinking, emotion-based religion), and a host of other issues didn't seem to be solving anything, so...

In 1988, they felt it was time to stop talking about how rotten things were and, instead, start to do something about it. That's when Sword&Spirit was established. The results of this conviction are listed on the previous pages in this site. (Also see our Philosophy).

"Friendship is the greatest of worldly goods. Certainly to me it is the chief happiness of life. If I had to give a piece of advice to a young man about a place to live, I think I shd. say, 'sacrifice almost everything to live where you can be near your friends.' I know I am v. fortunate in that respect."— C. S. Lewis

The Guys

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Dan Mannion, aka The Ancient One, aka Hey you there! Old Guy! lives somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere and had a paying job of probation officer - supervisor no less. He attends First Presbyterian Church (!) uhh... somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. He enjoys woodwork and restoring old cars and retelling stories from his youth... lots of stories. Lots and lots and lots. And sorry, girls, he's married to the lovely R******!
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Cameron Aanestad is our latest addition to our family. He is a former student of Mark, but unlike Annakin Skywalker, has decided to stay with the Light and Chocolatey Goodness of his master. He attends Biola, but don't ask him about it; he really doesn't like talking about it. He is about to marry the stunning young Whitney, another former student of Ritter. He will inherit S&S when age claims the two old guys, which is looking like it's gonna be soon.
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Mark Ritter lives with his beautiful wife of 25 +/- 1 years, Laurie, and their three practically perfect children in God's Country - Murrieta, California. He teaches high school astronomy and chemistry in Temecula, home of the greatest wines of the 33rd Parallel. His family attends church at Calvary Murrieta. He really enjoys ("perhaps too much" his wife may say) astronomy, hockey, astronomy, and, uhh... web design, in that order. He also volunteers at Reasons To Believe and writes a bimonthly column on astronomy in The North County Times and The Californian newspapers. He is nowhere near as old as Dan is - well, in ant years - but he knows when he is going to die because his birth certificate has an expiration date.
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