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this month's focus:
Christmas - Putting the Christ back in Christians. (HEY, THIS ISN'T OUT OF DATE! SHEESH!)


Some Christians, God bless them everyone, can turn a perfectly nice holiday like Christmas into a Bah Humbug Fest. You know, Santa is Satan, Elves are demons, the secular humanists have given us "Xmas," lights on homes are runways for UFOs, trees are druid priests in disguise, the snow is cocaine, snowmen are Halloween throwbacks - whoa! sorry, got carried away. (See how easy it is?)
This month we link up to two articles dealing with the issue. One, here, is a straight out "C'mon let's grow up" essay by R. C. Sproul, Marley's Message to Scrooge. Another is a more subtle, modern-day Screwtape Letter, The Spirits of Christmas Present. Go here to get your presents!
Another Christmas article on extradimensions and St Nick is below.
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