Human Rights

Join the club.
Christians aren't exactly on the forefront of fighting against human rights abuses throughout the world. Many nonChristians are. Ready to help others - many of them nonbelievers - in the name of the One True God?

Servant Evangelism

Doing unto others...
On this little page we set you off on your own to help others. That's it - plain and simple. We all need to help other people, Christian or not, male or female, slave or free. And you can preach the Gospel, as St Francis says, without speaking.


Go, therefore...
There are a lot of brothers and sisters out there, out of the Ghetto, in the trenches, fulfilling the Great Commission. But a lot of us are committing the Great Omission by not going, or not helping them go. Find out here how to help them, and share with us how you already have.


Left-wing Tree Huggers (we are not).
God gave us a great place to live. We, by our sinful nature are messing up our God-given nature. Here are sites to help give you and your group ideas on how to be better caretakers of our temporary home for our children.
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